USA All Points Moving And Storage - Scammers/extorionists

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if you want to get your goods held for ransom upon delivery, deal with the police, and still have to pay just to get your things back, and unload the truck yourself after paying $2300 for a local move, then this is the scam company for you.

They overwrap your items and overcharge for packing, and will hold your things for ransom. The driver even slept in the truck most of the day. This is the classic moving scam. They also trashed the move out house.

unreal. These people need to be sued. I cannot believe that these people can live with themselves and scam people every day. If you do your research, you will see that they leave a lot of victims in their wake. beware females especially!! class action suit anyone?

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USA All Points Moving And Storage - USA All Point Moving Storage is a total RipOff

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USA All Point Move Storage charged me $904 to move from a 400SF apt. I had a bed, dresser, nightstand, loveseat, TV Stand and desk. The move was 3 blocks. They charged me $91 for fuel and $461 for packing materials. I am disputing the charges now and have turned them in to FTC and BBB.

If you are moving and you live in VA, MD, DC - do NOT contact these people.They use the following URL's:

Moving Storage

They gave me a quote of $295 and then proceeded to add all of the other charges. For your sanity, stay away!



I certainly KNOW the feeling.I only moved three blocks!

I fought them and got a few hundred knocked off but this was only after numerous phone calls. They charged me for driving from Baltimore - for the driver and two worker's time plus gas. When they got to the new place, my landlord and several men were in the parking lot so they just brought the furniture in without a hassle. I think they were afraid of the guys.

Then the driver hands me the bill! I told him that I was going to report them - and I did - to the BBB. They charged me $100 per roll for the shrink wrap. I proved to them that I could get it for MUCH less at U-Haul so they backed off a little bit.

What should have cost $300 at the most cost me over $1300. If you are military, can you please find a way to report them and have them blacklisted for any military person? Just as a PS - I got the exact same email and I do not believe that there is an Irina working at this rip-off. Oh BTW, they didn't cuss at me - would have only made it worse.

Have your wife or girlfriend or a female friend call and you might get a better response.

Sad but true.Let me know if you hear anything back from the Attorney General!


Write to the BBB


and the attorney generals off


Yup this happened too

We were moving 3 miles in Norfolk VA we contacted a few moving companies for quotes. In an e mail we recieved :

Hi _____,

We spoke earlier. Here is the information beased on our conversation: our hourly rate is $89/hr for 3 men and a truck.

We disassemble and reassamble everything for you, insurance is included, no minimum requirements.

No charge for stairs, mileage, extra stops or change of the date.

We can do your move anytime on 05/17/2011, starting as early as 8am. Overnight storage is possible, we won't charge you for that.

Let me know if you want me to keep this rate for you.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me. Don't forget to visit our website at

Thank you,

Irina USA All Points Moving and Storage

FAX 240-386-8951








757-255-8850 We asked that they arrive around 7 am

they arrived at 9

after 6 and a half hours we arrived at our new place

they held our furniture in the truck and would not release it until we paid over 3100.00, they charged almost 1500 dollars for packing (which we did not ask for being only 3 miles away we asked them to concentrate only on the larger furniture...we call...

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